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Cria Shearing Tips
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Shearers Starter Kits
Everything you need to get started shearing your own herd! And maybe others.
Enough to shear a herd of 20 alpacas
with Ropes
1 - OIL8
2 - 76MB13
2 - AA45
1 - MAT510

with Table
1 - OIL8
2 - 76MB13
2 - AA45
1 - SHEAR Table

Heiniger Shearer 76MB13 Comb AA45 Cutter Oil 8 oz Top Gun Ropes Restraint 510 Mat Shearing Table Shearing DVD Shearer Grease
Premier Shearing Kits
4000S Shearer4000S Shearer


• High cutter speed under load
• 2600 spm blade speed
• Compact body size; and a high torque motor--enables rapid, smooth wool, fiber and hair removal
• Often "wows" those familiar with other motor-in-the-handpiece machines
• The 4000s is lighter, quieter, smaller AND as powerful as other leading handpieces
• Premier 4000s sold in 13T Shearing Package w/case, 4 oz oil, Spitfire 4 point cutter, Spirit 13 tooth comb and screwdriver.
Best Seller
Andis Shearing Kit
Heiniger ShearerHeiniger Shearer
• Innovative connection between the clipper head and housing reduces noise and vibration for the user and animal.
• Quick tension adjustment knob and interchangeable blades provide a vast array of grooming options.
• Patented floating fork system extends comb and cutter life. Provides 2,500 strokes per minute.
• Includes single-speed shearer, 1 combs and 1 cutters, blade brush, screwdriver, blade oil, and durable hard case.

Jeremiah Squier, Open Division Champion at the 2nd Annual Alpaca Shearing Contest, won the top prize with an Andis hand piece and a Beiyuan BB cutter and 94MB 9 tooth comb. He used same cutter on all 3 animals

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Andis (New Style) Heavy Duty Shear w/ comb, cutter and case
Andis (New Style) Heavy Duty Shear w/ comb, cutter and case
Top Seller
• Innovative connection be...
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BEH1 Heavy Duty Shear w/ comb, cutter and case
BEH1 Heavy Duty Shear w/ comb, cutter and case
Ergonomically designed electric handpiece, with an internal gearbox for extra torque. It comes complete in a carry case with ...
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Heiniger Expert (New Style) Heavy Duty Shear w/ comb, cutter and case
Heiniger Expert (New Style) Heavy Duty Shear w/ comb, cutter and case
Top Seller
• A low vibration and ligh...
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LLE Shearer Starter Kit with Ropes & Mat
LLE Shearer Starter Kit with Ropes & Mat
Everything you need to get started shearing your own herd! And maybe others.
Enough to shear a herd of 20 alpacas
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LLE Shearer Starter Kit with Table * price includes $99 flat rate freight
LLE Shearer Starter Kit with Table * price includes $99 flat rate freight
Everything you need to get started shearing your own herd! And maybe others.
Enough to shear a herd of 20 alpacas
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Premier 4000S13T Shear Pkg
Premier 4000S13T Shear Pkg
•  High cutter speed under load
•  2600 spm blade speed
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Premier 4000S13T Interchangeable Shear Head Only* $10 handling fee added at checkout
Premier 4000S13T Interchangeable Shear Head Only
* $10 handling fee added at checkout
NEW from Premier!
Two uses in one! Quickly and easily interchanges with our clipper head. Upgrade from the old...
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Alpaca Care Video - Includes ShearingAlpaca Care DVD – includes shearing! This DVD covers many different subjects and was filmed for over 2 years to get the best possible footage. The shearing and birth portions are particularly comprehensive.

These DVDs also make great gifts for your new customers!
NEW from Premier!
•Internal roller bearings instead of bushings (less heat, less wear and greater longevity).
•Sleek, low profile head design (sharp visual look that catches your eye and impresses observers).
•Suspended fork system (reduces risk of stripping the gear drive or breaking comb teeth).
•No cutter retainer or retaining spring (both caused hassles and broke too readily).
•Improved tensioning concept (spring clip is more effective at retaining tension than cupped washers).
•No more black plastic sides (these were prone to falling off and frustrating users).
•Tension column far superior in design, less small/individual parts to wear out.
Requires just 2 screws, 3 minutes & a screwdriver to switch from a Premier clipper head to a shear head (will drive any 4 point cutter and 3 in. comb).
New Premier Shearer Head
Shear Head
New Premier Shearer Head
Clipper Head
Tips From The Pro
Q - How do I minimize shearing cuts?
While a nick or two is normal and acceptable over the course of a day's work, responsible shearers should strive to minimize skin cuts. There are several ways to accomplish this. I'll speak in general at first then get specific.....(Read More)
Q - How often should I oil my shears?
The goal is to provide adequate lubricant to keep things moving along (literally) but not so much as to be.....(Read More)
Q - How can I reduce second cuts?
Good shearing can be broken down into about four principles....(Read More)

Have a question? Ask Matt!
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Proper Tensioning of handpiece.

Proper Start up Tension

Just a few weeks ago I took a course on sheep shearing to be able to do my own small flock of eight Shetland sheep. While I was successful during the course, when I went to actually shear yesterday it was very frustrating (to say the very least) and I ended up stopping after two sheep. The shears were not doing what I knew they were supposed to do. I was very upset and frustrated and considered basically saying, never mind, I'll have someone come do it.

After calming down and doing some research I came across your YouTube video on tension. There is NO doubt in my mind now that that was the problem. I even noticed the balled up wool under the blade when I took them off to clean them yesterday and thought to myself, huh, I don't think that's supposed to be there.

I don't mean to sound dramatic, but you have completely given me my confidence back and I know that when I go to shear again this weekend, it will be a completely different ballgame. I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you.

I will always be grateful and (while I don't have alpaca personally), I will be sending everyone I possible to your website.

Seriously.... you have no idea. Thank you so much.

Premier's Shears vs. Others
While developing our machines, we conducted evaluations of the machines available. We noted "hard" data like length; weight; grip; blade/cutter cycle speed under varying resistances; and cost. We also paid attention to subjective points—balance; feel; sound; heating of head and motor; ease of installation of blades/combs/cutters. And we compared how they actually cut wool and hair. Remember that no unit (including our own) is perfect. All have strengths and weaknesses. Regarding the speed results: The normal "load" while actually clipping hair, wool or mohair will besomewhere between the middle & high. Our "zero load” setting was at less than normal blade or cutter tension. Expect your results to vary from these in response to: voltage differences (from 105v – 125v); variations between individual units; measuring instrument variations. Differences of less than 5% are not significant. Our lab results were similar to our in-field observations. We were better able to compare Lister and Premier clippers because a common set of blades, spring and tension system could be used—enabling a common test protocol.
Shearing Machines
Cutter speed
Load: zero >> medium
Relative Size Comparison
Premier 4000s 11.7 2.5 6.4 2700          2600 220 Watts
Lister Laser Shear 12.3 3.1 7.9 3000          2500 220 Watts
Oster Shearmaster 13.3 3.1 6.4 2900          2500 220 Watts
Andis 68000 Shear 13.3 3.2 6.9 2600          2400 220 Watts
Some valuable tips on Shearers:
    • Heiniger makes the Andis handpiece as a “private label” product and the specs are the same.

    • The differences between the Heiniger/Andis and the Premier are pretty significant.

    • Both have pros and cons:

    Heiniger/Andis                    Premier
    More power                           Lighter
    Easier to set proper tension     Quieter
                                              Smaller circumference on the hand grip
                                              More convenient on/off switch location
                                              More difficult to set proper tension

    • I use both machines in my shearing practice
    • I like the Premier better for the above reasons

    • However the Heiniger/Andis will power through comb tensioning that isn’t quite right and debris under the cutter that requires an extra crank on the tension nut (not recommended)

    • Therefore I find that new shearers struggle a bit more with the Premier because it is less forgiving when the set up isn’t just right.
    • When the comb and cutter are tensioned properly the Premier can keep up with a very fast pace of shearing.

    • The Beiyuan Handpiece is a pro product for use w/ a hanging power plant.
    • The Beiyuan line is pro tested and used by many shearers in big sheep markets like Australia and New Zealand.

    • Figure 12-15 sharpenings per comb or cutter.

    Some tips for cria shearing:
      • Cria fleece is fine as you know, therefore fresh, sharp gear and a bit of extra tension is in order • Also because of the fineness, the fleece needs to be as dry as possible to prevent it from “mushing” between the comb and cutter • I shoot for a 9-11am window after any morning dampness has dried and before they get sweaty from the summer heat • Any chasing of the cria may cause just enough sweating to make the cria fleeces harder to shear
    A couple of tips for reducing the chance of the dam rejecting the cria:
      • I like to let mom watch right over my shoulder or very close by • I use limited amounts of oil to reduce the chance of the cria smelling really differently • I don’t shear much of the tail to again reduce the impact on the mom’s perception of the baby’s smell
    Please call us with any questions or for advice. 866-999-AVA1 (2821)
                                                                 Jay Ward
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